The Corporate Ladder

8 years ago, I set the goal to become a millionaire when I'm 26 years old. I told everyone who would listen that I'm going to be rich one day.

If you are expecting me to say: "Yes I am very close to my goals and I'm going to share with you my success journey!". I'm very sorry to disappoint you.

If you had followed my posts since the beginning, you would have known that I despised the corporate ladder.

I can't remember if I ever vowed never to climb it. But if I did, I'm biting my own words now.

For the past 8 years, I've trudged down the road towards financial freedom, giving anything that seemed promising a try.

I exposed myself to Multi-level Network Marketing. I attempted entrepreneurship. I tried investment ponzi schemes. I resorted to doing street sales.

Each attempt did not produce the promised results.

Attribute it to me giving up too easily if you want. But deep down, something is telling me, I'm not cut out for this.

With all shortcut doors shut, I am thrown into a situation where I have to continue searching for other paths toward financial freedom or it is time to find a JOB.

I chose the latter, or believed that it was my choice.

Either way, I got my first full time job.

For a while, everything was fine. The money came in regularly and I was happy.

But soon, the skies darken and the demon from within starts coming out to play.

The corporate world is no sanctuary. It is not a place for you to find your future. It is not the means to an end.

In fact, to keep you working, an illusion of a bright future is pulled over your eyes. The truth is, that illusion is there to ensure that you have no future.

Living from paycheck to paychecks lulls one into a false sense of security. No matter how you scrimp and save, the verdict is universal: It's never going to be enough.

Having tasted security, pulling out is hard. What are others going to think about you? What is going to happen to your future? What about all the plans you have made? How are you going to face your loved ones?

I have no answer to any of the question.

I'm stuck midway up my first rung of the ladder.

Neither here nor there when everything can be removed without consequences nor the need to compensate.

The security that a moment ago seemed so real started to become glitchy, like someone knocked the antenna of an old TV off.

Being given what you want but not really getting it yet is a fucked up feeling.

The worst part of all this is the fact that I can do ABSOLUTELY nothing about it.

No control, no say, no CHOICE.

The main reason a life of financial freedom is alluring is because of the freedom it grants.

If I am financially free, I can really choose.

I can choose what I really want to do without fearing I'm not paid enough.

I can choose to bargain for my compensation because not getting a job doesn't hurt.

I can choose who I work for and say what I meant to say without fearing the lost of income.

I can truly choose for myself.

The best bargaining chip that rich kids have is the freedom to choose.

For the poor, even being offered half of what is expected, it has to be accepted.
Because to bargain is to risk losing all.

This frustration is endless, perhaps because of the green field theory.

But can I really be happy if I learn to be content and start being appreciative?